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It is been 4 month since I wrote my last post and that was last year. Fiuuh.. Sorry to myself not to spare my time to write that time too long. It is 18th April 2016 night tiring after campus hours. I have got my gift from Mas Eksyan in the beginning of April. A red jacket; things I need very much in this dramatic rainy season. Thank you, Love. Second gift comes from @surakartavintage, a giveaway gift. I have been so lucky to have an impressive vintage chair for free. I was surprised that my name listed in their instagram announcement. Thank youu, it is already noted in my schedule to visit their vintage gallery someday when I be at Solo.:)
Third, I thank to Fitri and Adit because they make my dreams come trueee. Ew. I mean they invited me to cook together and I choose the recipes and the best thing is all the recipes done wellll. Thanks for letting me know what evaporated milk is as well. Hahaha.

Soo related to the title above, I might be think too much about my college life. I am at 6th semester nowww. I’ll be facing my job training and thesis soon. I am quite excited about this 2 things because it means that my graduation seems so near. I am a bit tired of this all college stuff. Sigh. I already consider to take linguistics topic for my thesis. It always makes me curious since the beginning of the semester till today. Wish me luck. This last 3 months I took the opportunity to do part time job as a web admin. It helps my savings and I can earn more for job training preparation. I also think of start considering to join one of health care insurance. I do need to talk to people who know it better than I am.
It should be enough for me to write. Don’t you want to send me birthday wishes? :)


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