Still About Daddy

This morning after took shower I discovered my dad opened up some old photo albums. I wondered what he did when I was in the bathroom. Lately I knew, he took pictures of little me and my brother from the old photo albums into his phone gallery..and it got me tearing..
I almost had not finished my breakfast thought of that while waiting he took shower. I do not know how it feels when I be at my dad’s side. He used to silent, he seldom talked to me for anything. He picked me up at school everyday but we did not talk to each other. When I did some faults or got C on my test, he was always angry. He never stopped comparing me with others who got better even best than me. That thing made me intimidated. So I tried to push myself reached aims in my best, I solved problems on my own and said no complains about what I had to face or obstacles I found in the middle of the way. I often lied to him and pretended that I got them all good because I was afraid of his anger. I did not want to show him how hard it was. After all the achievement I won, he never said he was proud of me..
Now I know, all he did in the past, is to make me stronger and be independent.
So thank you daddy. He spreads his love to me my whole life from hard lesson he taught. A parents love is such as my dad keeps given food -which he knows I like it the most- and brings it home for me or when he buys me supplies or my favorite biscuits or waits me home late night from college. A parents love also can be my mom cooks delicate meal and imagine the way I eat pleasantly or when she purchases a new veil then she gets me one of it too, or when she found a green-tall-exclusive water bottle she just gives it to me though she needs it for her routine exercise water supply.

I need to tell you that. I never told this to my parents.
I ever fell from the motorcycle and got an accident on Jl. A. Yani and it leaves some fancy scars on my palm and ankle. All my parents knew was the motorcycle was ridden by my friend so he was the one and only trouble maker. The fact is, I was the rider. So I caused this accident, the motorcycle I used was my friend’s. I broke its front headlights, front right light and almost all the front parts of it was broken..:(
Do not tell it to my parents, please. It was over years ago and what’s past is past. Hahahaha.


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