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Someday when I read this post, I will remember that I write this a day before my dad’s birthday at my workspace and I think of him a lot. I was a sissy daughter, yes, I am. It is been a long while ago I thought that I needed to write this but I never did yet. I have no guts to show my love and concern to him though I never let a sec pass without thinking of him.
He is a wise and loving dad.
He is my first and strongest guardian.
He is my best one.
He may not talk too much, but he always has his eyes to me.
I was his golden little daughter. Remember he used to pick me up after school and take care of me. It happened in 2003, he brought me to drawing course too early at school. I lately discovered that no one there so I ran quickly to the gate saw him rode his motorcycle a bit away. Scared of something bad, I tried to chase him, shouted out “Ayah… Ayah… Tunggu..”. Lucky me, he heared me and stopped his rode. He turned around and brought me to the school again, had some rests. He calmed me down, bought me a drink and I felt no worries anymore.
Or when my school flooded, 2010, he carried me pickaback so that my stuff did not get wet. And he got wet…

Thing I cannot resist this time while I am writing it is crying.. So much memories with him. So much stories to share.
Till we found that we needed to moved to a new house, we made some decisions. Decisions that made us apart.

PS: this actually a draft but I publish it, soo I am gonna continue to write in any other spare time. Cheers!

Do we really look alike? O.o

Do we really look alike? O.o


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