Advices Along the Journey

While I was waiting Mas Eksyan did magrib prayer, I unexpectedly remembered to write our very first time journey to Semarang. We went from Surabaya with Rahman and Mas Rizal (Mas Eksyan’s work partners) by train. I got mad in the beginning of the trip because I felt terrible without any exact reasons. After argued with Mas Eksyan, I was strange TT

Arrived at Semarang Tawang Railway Station, I adored the building sooo much. It was a colonial building. Then, we walked around Semarang and got directions only from GoogleMaps, policemen, and local people. One thing I noted about Semarang was there were many small stands gave unexpensive food price. We spent less than 10,000 IDR for each time we ate. On the our first day in Semarang, we got no transportation except our own feet. I felt like a backpacker haha. At the night, we slept in the mosque near Simpang Lima.

At the bus during our next city transit, Solo, we met an old man gave us advices. He began his story by Soeharto presidency era till the advices to get higher education. I thought that today’s young people are not as lucky as we were to meet a person who told many things about life lesson.

Moreover, for those 4 unforgettable days, I highlighted in my mind several points made by myself:

1. When you were far from home, find save public facilities to take rest and charge your devices’ battery (Indomart Point is the best place to visit, of course)

2. Don’t trust GoogleMaps at all. Ask people nearby for better direction and information.

3. Distinguish time/ money for shopping and buy daily foods. That’s gonna so much better to not shop too much stuff in your trip (make your bag heavier but your wallet thinner :(

To prove this post is based on the real situation, here I give you our photo in front of Lawang Sewu



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