April Again

After viewing my photos on facebook for the previous April, I was wondering how time runs very fast. Every April, I celebrate my birthday with a few friends of mine and it happens steadily year by year. Sometimes I realize that I only have them and my separated parents also. I would like to thank them because they are never giving up on me no matter what I do. For all the bad behaviours, invective words and so many times denying to see several people.. it is just an expression.:) I really don’t mean to do that. Haha.

This upgrowing ages, I swear I will take so much efforts to make myself better. I swear to take showers at least twice a day, never forget to sweep the house every morning, drinking more water, learn to iron my clothes, regularly checking my motorcycle’s tire, and study harder than before (to be honest, this is the hardest thing to do). Then, I extremely wish to purchase a new laptop, save more money and not waste money on unnecessary things.

However, rare idea was slightly crossing my mind : cooking course. I do not know if I can make it comes true this year or not, but I really wanna take the course. Even if my mom is a pro at cooking, I think maybe we can mess up the kitchen together as a duet. Haha.
So please send your prayer for me too for the various things I mention above. You don’t mind to pray for me, do you?. Thank you before ;)


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Mostly about sweet soysauce. No chilli, please.

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