Evening Thoughts

Spend my spare time waiting speaking class ends, now I am at the campus mosque starting to think any random things that possibly cross my mind. First thing is, this is my last chance to join speaking class but I always come late. Since my office is at the north pole and my campus is at the south pole, it takes longer time for me to reach there. The lecturer dealed with me about my late in exact time but I still cannot be ontime come to his class. I probably have to improve my riding skills through the Surabaya’s terrible traffic. Oh no, do not mention the traffic as the only matter that I be late, yet the most matter thing is distance. Distance.

Enough to think of taking this class in the next coming semester, Mas Eksyan said that I must see things in its different angle. It means, nothing loss when I take this class again rather than I have an accident while riding. I think that was very realistic and relieve words I should hear in this time instead of crying and regretting something I cannot change.

Second, yesterday, I’ve made my financial plan for my future. Yey!. I’ve been thinking of having a bank account in specific program that only for saving money. At the last December, Mbak Ulfa suggested me to have it on Danamon Bank. It gives more advantages, she ensured me. With different period of saving, the money we save can be more time to time following the prevailing of bank interest. So, this program is the best way for me who always make great plans of myself. Haha.
Third, I have nothing to write. So maybe I should finish writing and take my meals because my stomach easily hurts this recent days. A dinosaurus probably is living inside it…


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Mostly about sweet soysauce. No chilli, please.

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