I Have A Mom

I am not going to find any mom. For me, the duty of mother is not about cooking and housing. I am enough with who i am now. I may not ever been imagined i will be in this condition but once again i say, i am enough. Enough with dramas, enough with tears, sorrows, fights, and anything that hurt me. I just need a support to reach my dream which i pray everyday. I just need a peacefull place that can warm my self, cooling my mind. Please understand. I am not going to move. This is me and i enjoy all the things i do.

I have a mom, who delivered me to this world. Who shown me how to love the others, how to share smiles. But nobody is perfect, so my mom. She teach me how to speak, and i speak. Se teach me how to read, and i read. She teach me how to see, and i see. She teach me how to walk, then i walk. Away. I learn too much about the last.

I have many moms. This is true. So i am not going to find a new one. Anyone can make me impressed, doing her effort, but i am not going to change.

Just remembering.


About Astrid Nur Aryani

Mostly about sweet soysauce. No chilli, please.

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